Sedona Restaurants

Sedona Restaurants. To be fair, I am going to start this out with restaurants that my wife and I have been to recently. I will add restaurants to the list after I have visited them. I will try to be objective, short and to the point. Keep in mind that I am just one person and this is only my opinion. One other thing to keep in mind when eating out in Sedona, this is not New York City or even Phoenix for that matter. If you are thinking about going out for dinner after 9:00 PM you are going to be sorely disappointed. By 9:00 PM the sidewalks are about rolled up and everyone is tucked in bed or close to it. You might find the local McDonalds or Burger King open, but that will be about it. Hear me now or believe me later!

Wildflower Bread Company: Good food at a reasonable price. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Good pastries, salads, sandwiches, and pasta and lots of fresh bread. Fresh ingredients, a good number of choices and they always have new menu items. You can get out of there for $10 to $12 per person and feel like you had plenty of food. You order at the counter and the food almost always comes out in just a few minutes.Located in The Shops at Pinon Pointe in the uptown Sedona area. Sedona phone number 928-204-9449. Website: Wildflower Bread Company

Dahl & Di Luca Ristorante Italiano: This is one of my favorite Sedona Restuarants. They just serve dinner. Do not go there without making a reservation or you could be in for a long wait just about any night of the week. Great Italian food. Tons of flavor, certified organic, fresh seafood, homemade pasta, tender veal, expansive wine list. Fresh bread served with garlic olive oil. The calamari appetizer, addictive. In my opinion no matter what you have for dinner you must have their Cesare salad with Lisa’s creamy lemon garlic dressing, with or without their delicate anchovies – sublime! I always leave wishing I could make that dressing at home. I crave the veal and shrimp marsala, about the only thing I order. My wife loves the grilled salmon. Recommended by just about everyone. I could go on and on. You cannot be faint of wallet; you are not going to get out of there for less than about $50 per person or more, depending on how much you drink or if you have to have one of the fabulous desserts. But if you are looking for a dinner “experience” while in Sedona, it is truly worth every penny. For those reservations, I mean it, do not go without them, 928-282-5129. Website:Dahl & Di Luca Ristorante Italiano

Cafe Jose: A local place where locals eat, best describes Cafe Jose. A favorite by just about everyone looking for good food at a reasonable price. They serve breakfast lunch and dinner. The service is always fast and the food just about flies out of the kitchen, even when the place is full, which it almost always is, during lunch. The menu is a combination of American and Mexican and is rather extensive. You cannot go wrong with the Sedona burger for lunch, lots of bacon and avocado or my dinner favorite of Chicken Fajitas, I substitute rice and beans for more lettuce and tomatoes. Get the corn tortillas and it is a pig out. Be careful of the green tomatillo sauce, it IS hot, you are warned. It is hard to get out of Café Jose for more than $12 per person. Located in West Sedona in the Safeway Plaza next to the fast food place with a MC in its name. Website:Cafe Jose

Javelina Cantina: You will find the Javelina Cantina in the Hillside Shopping Center. Serving Mexican and Southwest cuisine this restaurant is very popular with locals and tourists. Lunch and dinner is served, with lots of seating with great red rock views. This place can be very busy so it is best to get reservations before you go. Service is always friendly and prompt and the great tasting food comes quickly out of the kitchen. All the fresh chips and salsa you can eat. They have the best Margarita in Sedona, other than the ones I make with homemade sweet and sour. I order the house Margarita, salt on the rocks, with a double shot of Hornitos, very good! You will want another, but if you do you better have a designated driver because you will be over the legal limit. Trust me on this, they do not skimp on the Tequila. As for the food, the steak fajitas are the best you will find anywhere and they smell great when they come out of the kitchen sizzling hot. Even if you do not order them, you will get to smell them, they come out of the kitchen often. If you see the chicken mole enchiladas on the special board, try them they are my wife’s favorite, lots of chicken and great tasting mole. I like the Carne Asada plate, marinated steak and a spicy roasted peppers, onion tomatillo sauce. We are not crazy about rice and beans, so we substitute their salad with southwest ranch dressing, delicious! Lots of other great menu items, the Chile Rellano platter, stuffed Poblano chiles with cheese or chicken, fish tacos, blackened sea scallop salad are all excellent, just to name a few. Going to run you $15 to $20 per person plus margaritas. I think you will leave agreeing that it is some of the best Mexican/Southwest food around. For those reservations call 928-203-9514. Website: Javelina Cantina

Picazzo’s Organic Italian Kitchen: Located in the heart of West Sedona, the Sedona Picazzo’s is the first of many Picazzo’s located throughout Arizona. Picazzo’s extensive menu includes appetizers, salads, organic and gluten-free pastas, and of course pizza and dessert! Almost every menu item can be ordered gluten-free. They are one of the local favorite lunch spots, for those looking for good food, quick serve and a fair price. The lunch combo; a generous slice of pizza, salad and a drink for under $10, a bargain. You have many choices for your pizza slice and salad type. The salad choices are numerous and flavorful and the main reason my wife and I go to Picazzo’s. My favorite the Chopped Italian has a nice variety of ham, pepperoni, beans, olives, tomatoes and cheese, and their Italian dressing. I think they have a tendency to under dress, but they will happily bring you more if you find yourself in that spot. My wife likes the Greek salad, lots of cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, kalmata olives, feta and balsamic dressing. We don’t eat too much pizza, but we love their thin pizza crust and have liked every type of pizza we have had there. We are not big pasta fans either, so you will need to do your own investigations on that front. I cannot remember ever hearing a negative comment about Picazzo’s. Good food, fair prices, you will find that it will run in the $10 to $15 range for either lunch or dinner. Website:Picazzo’s Organic Italian Kitchen