The “7 Star Pre – Inspected Home”

  The “7 Star Pre-Inspected Home”


1. Having an inspection prior to placing your home on the market makes you aware of exactly what needs to be done in order to put your home in Top Notch condition. It will also keep you from being surprised when the buyer has an inspection. This action alone dramatically increases the chances of getting your contract PAST the inspection period and on to closing.

2. Placing a Home Warranty on your home NOW so that it might even
cover some of the repairs found in your inspection!

3. Having a termite inspection gives you the chance to save money since you may be able to remedy problems before buyers ask for costly changes.

4. The stager will prepare your home to show its very best… if you are going to obtain Top Dollar, your home has to look Top Dollar!

5. The handyman will punch out items that are needed to make your home look its best, along with items on the inspection report that need to be remedied.

6. By providing utility bills from the last 12 months you are answering one of the most common questions asked by buyers when they show interest in a home… other home sellers may keep them waiting… you won’t.

7. By providing a survey, (Most sellers do not provide this until closing) you are again, 1 step ahead of other sellers in providing comfort to buyers.

THE BENEFIT – Being prepared makes you MONEY! Having your home staged, inspected, repaired, and providing a level of information above and beyond what buyers see from other home sellers creates a competitive edge for your home that buyers cannot help but appreciate. Be Pro-active, it will pay off!

If you want to gain a definitive Edge in this market, take the steps necessary… many agents will not advise you to do what is needed because it takes time, effort and investment… I will always offer guidance that I believe in, even if its not the popular opinion, and these actions make sense!

For more information on the “7 Star Pre-Inspected Home” simply fill out and submit the contact form below or as always just call me on my cell phone at 928-300-7141. I respect your privacy, any and all information provided is strictly confidential. I will not sell or share your personal information with any third party.

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