Why Have a Home Inspection Before You Sell Your Home?

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Why Have A Home Inspection

Before Selling Your Home?


Because Preparation Saves You $Money$


THE PROBLEM – Most homeowners have a pretty good idea of what may be wrong with their home, but there are areas that many home owners just do not or cannot pay close attention to. Some home owners may not go into their attics for years… you do not want deteriorating duct work to be a big surprise and unexpected expense!

THE SOLUTION – By having an inspection in advance, you will know what needs to be done, and you will eliminate surprises. Yes it requires an investment on your part, but this step will save you money and stress.


• You can make repairs in advance in a more cost effective manner.

• You will not be surprised with unexpected expenses when your buyer has an inspection.

• You will not risk losing your buyer because of some unexpected repair that you could have already resolved.

• You know that your price will not be negotiated down due to nit-picky repairs.

• You are not at the mercy of an opinionated inspector who creates a big problem when there is really an easy solution.


• They may even save the expense of getting an inspection, and buyers LIKE to save money.

• The first impression a buyer has of your home will not include a list of repairs that they must complete after closing!

• They do not have to go through the stress of waiting to see how the inspection goes?

For more information on getting your home Pre-Inspected simply fill out and submit the contact form below or as always just call me on my cell phone at 928-300-7141. I respect your privacy, any and all information provided is strictly confidential. I will not sell or share your personal information with any third party.

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